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CWSF 2009 - Winnipeg, Manitoba

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Stacey - ALLRIIIGHT, My name is Stacey West, I'm thirteeen, I have blonde hair and blue eyes.. and I like chocolate. My hobbies include going on the internet, and playing my Wii. My interests are dogs, computers, and video games! My career plan is to become a animal doctor. My favorite community activity is going to Becky Kew's Good News Center. My best achievements would include winning the highest academic two years in a row, and the second would be making it to this science fair. My most notable experience would be learning that my sister was pregnant with my AWESOME niece Sophia.
Eleanor - Hello my name is ELEANOR EAGLE I'm fourteen years old I'm in grade eight I go to ISACC BEAULIEU MEMORIAL SCHOOL in SANDY BAY . My favorite subject is science.My community activities include going to Becky Kew's GOOD NEWS CENTER we hang out there after school we play pool,fooz ball,ping pong,and much much more.My hobbies are cleaning up. I like playing outside in the summer time and swimming a the lake. My familly is the most important part in my life I love them all very much.My school activities are playing soccer,basketball,and baseball.When I grow up I want to be a police officer or a doctor.In third grade I won good attendance,in sixth grade I won citizanships award and also in grade seven I won citizanship award and also in grade seven I won the science fair here in Sandy Bay and then I won silver at the science fair in Winnipeg.I am have lots of energy I like to run a lot, I love to eat vegitables and fruit.I like to be around little kids their so much fun to be around that is why I love to play with my little sister.

Stacey West, Eleanor Eagle

Fear Factors
Division:Life Sciences / None
Region:Manitoba First Nations
City:Amaranth, MB
School:Isaac Beaulieu Memorial School
Abstract:A survey was created,and given to students from grades 4 to 9. We analyzed the surveys and collected data about fears and how they change with age. We also collected information about how students developed their fears. The study was then extended to include grades 1 through 12, using more detailed surveys exploring how fears are developed.