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CWSF 2009 - Winnipeg, Manitoba

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Aoife - My Name is Aoife McNally, I have one younger sister, and i live with my mom and dad. I attend a french emersion school, which i enjoy very much. I participate in many school activities and school teams, such as basketball and soccer. I also enjoy playing guitar, and being part of the youth group at St.Rose of Lima church. I get to meet many new people my age, and get to help out and have lots of fun. I also attend a Bronze Medalion class weekly, so that i can practice my swimming skills. I think that what i enjoy most is radiology, which is why i love working in my bronze med. class learning life saving technics, and first aid. Another thing i really enjoy is science. I love studying Natural Sciences, Behavioral Sciences, and even applied sciences. As a child, i have visited many tropical places, and have been to Europe a couple times aswell. I love learning different languages, and one day hope to travel parts in the world.
Ann - My name is Ann Peter. I am currently in the 8th grade, studying at St. Richard Catholic School in Scarborough. I am studying in the Extended French program, and I have 2 amazing teachers. Mme. Orfao, my French teacher and Mrs. Sebastiano, my English teacher, as well as my science teacher. I also have an amazing Music teacher, Mrs. Ivanowich. I consider myself academically very high, and I have got a 91% avg on my past report card. I have also made the basketball team at my school, and I am currently training for the school's Cross-Country team. I take piano lessons at the Joy of Music, and Carrie is my teacher. I am soon going to take my 5th grade examination at the Royal Conservatory of Music. I am extremley influenced by Barack Huissein Obama & Tyra Banks. I think both these people have made a huge difference in our society today for the better. For the future I have many expectations of myself, first to attend Mary Ward Highschool, Queens University, and then study to become a Pediatric Sugeon some time in my life. Overall, my friends and family are my life.

Aoife McNally, Ann Peter

Steroids for Plants
Division:Engineering & Computing Sciences / None
City:Toronto, ON, Scarborough, ON
School:St. Richard C.S.
Abstract:For our science fair project, our question was: How does CO² affect plant growth in different environments? Our project focuses on co2 and global warming. We conducted this experiment over the period of one week. We observed what would happen when we exposed two groups of plants to the natural level of carbon dioxide, as well as an increased level of carbon dioxide.