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CWSF 2009 - Winnipeg, Manitoba

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I’m Paul Kominek, a 13 year old grade eight student at St. Michael School, Ridgetown, Ontario. I enjoy being a senior student monitor and participating in most intramural school sports. I am a member of three conservational hunting clubs; Ducks Unlimited-Greenwing, Delta Waterfowl-Canvasback Club and Rondeau Bay Waterfowlers Association. Some of my spare time is spent by attending Emmanuel Congregational Church Youth Group activities, playing Optimist Soccer and Ontario Minor Hockey. I love to hunt waterfowl and small game. I enjoy open water and ice fishing with family and friends. In the summer I devote a lot of time to being outdoors and trap and target shooting. In the future I plan to attend Sir Sanford Fleming College and become either a waterfowl biologist or a field biologist. A forestry technician is also a career I am looking into. At school I have received the Christian Living and the Science Awards multiple times. My room has numerous hockey and soccer awards and medals. I really enjoyed becoming an uncle at the age of 10. Getting a female yellow lab puppy last fall has also been a great deal of fun for me.

Paul Kominek

Pellet Power
Division:Health Sciences / None
City:Ridgetown, ON
School:St. Michael E.S.
Abstract:My project studied which company makes the best type of pointed pellet. To find out which type of pellet goes in the farthest after impact I designed and built twelve pellet traps. The Diablo Boxer pellet penetrated the deepest. The test day temperature was six degrees Celsius therefore the pellets’ velocity was low. There was no wind resistance because we tested in a sheltered area.