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CWSF 2009 - Winnipeg, Manitoba

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My name is Morgan Hoot and I am a grade 10 student who attends a Catholic high school in Kamloops, British Columbia. This is my fourth year qualifying to attend the National Science Fair. I am interested in microbiology and would like to pursue this area as a career. I compete as a novice figure skater and attend many seminars and competitions outside of Kamloops. I play the bass guitar, piano, and I am in a band. I enjoy alpine skiing and have coached in the Nancy Greene ski league at our local mountain. I have two sisters - one older and one younger. Our family has two dogs, 5 cats and a bearded dragon.

Morgan Hoot

Handwashing and Gloves: Making the Right Choice, Part II
Division:Life Sciences / None
Region:Cariboo Mainline
City:Kamloops, BC
School:St Ann's Academy
Abstract:The improper use of gloves by health care professionals can expose the patient to a hospital infection. Wearing gloves does not replace the need for proper handwashing. Therefore, the purpose of this experiment was to determine if there was a relationship between bacterial growth on the hands and the length of time that sterile examination gloves were worn. Results support the need for proper handwashing.

Awards Value
Honourable Mention - Health Sciences
Sponsor: Canadian Institutes of Health Research