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CWSF 2009 - Winnipeg, Manitoba

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Christian Muise is a grade 9 French immersion student attending Yarmouth Junior High School in Yarmouth Nova Scotia. During his three years at the junior high he has received various academic awards including honours in English, science and art. He is active in the following school based activities: First Lego Robotics League, Environmental Club, senior band, year book committee and wrestling. Christian is active in his community as a member of Scouts Canada and he likes to volunteer at the Yarmouth County Museum and Archives. Christian’s hobbies include, playing the piano and video games, canoeing, kayaking, and camping. His awards and achievements include the Chief Souter Award, World Conservation Badge, a Bronze Star in swimming, a second degree purple belt in karate, and completing grade 7 piano of the Royal Conservatory of Music. In the future Christian hopes to be involved with aircraft engineering.

Christian Muise

The Paper Pellet Press
Division:Engineering & Computing Sciences / Environmental Innovation
City:Yarmouth, NS
School:Yarmouth Junior High School
Abstract:Recent shortages in wood stove pellets, and decreased markets for discarded paper raised the question; can discarded paper be made into wood stove pellets? This project looked at the potential of making wood stove pellets out of discarded paper. Pellets were created out of paper mulch, which were then pressed through a home designed pellet press. Discarded paper can be converted to paper pellets.