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CWSF 2009 - Winnipeg, Manitoba

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ok ive been in robotics its about how robots work and how to make one of your own i've made one and called it the mammoth bc its extraordinary large for a compitition robot all of the other ones were a qaurter of the size of the robot i've made and we didnt get pass the first round but we got bronze metals for participation and we were the ones who traveled the furthest to go to this compitition and we were put on the campus news paper for traveling the furthest to compete in the compitition.i've been in a jogging group called wolf pack and our chief morley googoo leads this groups and its not just a group its a leadership program and we learn how to be leaders and while we do that we get into shape at the same time as well.also my plans after high school is to go to collage and then university and the job or profession in botany so i can be a botanist(a plant biologist).I won 4 place last year and the year before that i won 3rd place twice in our school and then at the nationals.

Cody Googoo

Photo-Carbo-Synthesis and Energy Storage
Division:Physical & Mathematical Sciences / None
Region:Mi'kma'q First Nation
City:waycobah, NS
School:We'koqma'q First Nation Secondary School
Abstract:my project photo-carbo-synthesis & energy storage is about photosynthesis,carbon dioxide,light energy. and how do plants store the energy at night or very dry hot weather. my deminstration is showing how to extract the sugars(ex.glucose,suctose,maltose) also starch from the plants. I am testing indoor and out door plants to see which one has more starch and sugars in them.