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CWSF 2009 - Winnipeg, Manitoba

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My name is Intekhab Hossain and I am from Saint John, New Brunswick. I am currently in grade 10 taking the IB program at Saint John High School and have a mark in the high honors range. I am involved in many educational activities and sports. I have and still do participate in various math competitions, oratoricals and science fairs. Last year, I attended the Canada Wide Science Fair in Ottawa and am very excited to go again this year. The sports that I play include soccer, track and field, basketball and rugby. I have won 2 provincial championships for soccer and came 6th place at the North American Finals for track and field (4 x 100m). During the summer, I will be attending Shad Valley which is a month long camp where I will be participating in various educational and sport activities. My plans after high school are to go to a good university and study medicine as my career plan is to be an oncologist. I am very happy to get the chance to attend the CWSF again this year and I am looking forward to a great and fun experience!

Intekhab Hossain

Spices on Cancer
Division:Life Sciences / None
City:Saint John, NB
School:Saint John High School
Abstract:My project dealt with finding the effects of spices on cancer. Three cancer fighting properties of spices were researched; anti-oxidant activity, anti-mutagenic and apoptotic activity. It was found that all these properties of spices help to inhibit and fight against cancer cells.