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CWSF 2009 - Winnipeg, Manitoba

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Adam Bennett was born on July 17, 1992, in Ottawa, Ontario. He currently lives outside Smiths Falls with his parents, Diane and David, and his two sisters, Laura and Dayna. Currently he is a Grade 11 student at Smiths Falls District Collegiate Institute, in Smiths Falls, Ontario. His interests include Electronics, Robotics, Programming Languages, and Computer Science.

Adam Bennett

Using Genetic Algorithms to Solve the Traveling Salesman Problem
Division:Earth & Environmental Sciences / Automotive
Region:Rideau-St. Lawrence
City:Smiths Falls, ON
School:Smiths Falls District Collegiate Institute
Abstract:This project describes the design, development and testing of software which uses genetic algorithms to solve Traveling Salesman Problems in two or three dimensional space and on the surface of a sphere. This program is used to investigate various aspects of genetic algorithms, including the effects of changing the population size, number of locations, and number of mutations. Applications for autonomous vehicles are considered.

Awards Value
Dalhousie University Faculty of Science Entrance Scholarship
Senior Silver Medallist - $2000 Entrance Scholarship
Sponsor: Dalhousie University, Faculty of Science
$2 000.00
The University of Western Ontario Scholarship
Silver Medallist - $1500 Entrance Scholarship
Sponsor: University of Western Ontario
$1 500.00
University of Ottawa Entrance Scholarship
Senior Silver Medallist - $3000 Entrance Scholarship
Sponsor: University of Ottawa
$3 000.00
Honourable Mention - Computing & Information Technology
Sponsor: Intel of Canada, Ltd.
Silver Medal - Automotive
Sponsor: AUTO21
Total$7 300.00