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CWSF 2010 - Peterborough, Ontario

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Janelle - My name is Janelle Henderson, I will be 16 yrs old in June and I attend McLurg High School in Wilkie, Saskatchewan. I live with my Mom, Dad, 2 younger brothers, and a dog named Lucky. I am active in volleyball and basketball at school. I was also involved in club volleyball in 2009 and our team went to provincials and won Gold. I play on a soccer team in the spring and coach a group of 8 and 9 year olds. I enjoy school and learning new things. I have been on the honor roll every year in school with an average over 90. I was inducted into the Student Hall of Fame for my average. My future career plan is to attend the University of Regina and specialize in Education. I enjoy going camping in the summer with my family and friends. I also go every summer to Bible camp which I really enjoy. My favorite past time is listening to music and spending time with my friends.
Kerstin - My name is Kerstin Jensen and I live in Wilkie, Saskatchewan. I am a grade 10 student at McLurg High School. When I graduate I plan to attend university and take structural engineering. I have danced for 12 years and also like to golf, play basketball, snowboard, and swim. I have achieved most of all my swimming courses that would allow me to be a lifeguard and swimming instructor. I also enjoy reading. I love to travel and so far have been to Oklahoma, Mexico and the Dominican Republic. I am involved for the first time this year in raising money for Cancer research by participation in the Relay for Life. I also plan to this summer audition for Tele-a-miracle, a fundraiser for the Kinsmen Foundation.

Janelle Henderson, Kerstin Jensen

Battle of the Heating Supplies
Division:Physical & Mathematical Sciences
Region:Northwest Saskatchewan
City:Wilkie , SK, Wilkie, SK
School:McLurg High School
Abstract:This project studied which heating supply was more efficient when heating a well insulated, 1500 square foot home, for one year. The heating supplies that were being compared were Hardwood and Natural Gas. The efficiency was being tested through cost, BTU’s, and the carbon footprint. Natural Gas, through our various studies, was found to be more efficient, except it has a greater carbon footprint.