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CWSF 2010 - Peterborough, Ontario

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Chanse - Chanse Wiens is a 17 year old student currently finishing Grade 11 at Midale Central School at Midale,Saskatchewan.Chanse,in Grade 7, had a poem published by the Poetry Institute of Canada that he wrote as an English assignment for Remembrance Day.Chanse enjoys football, weightlifting, quadding, and golf, and would like to pursue a career in engineering or heavy mechanics when he finishes high school. This project is the adaptation of a previous science fair concept, put into a running prototype, that he went to the Nation Wide Science Fair two years ago with. Chanse considers this trip to Ottawa to be the opportunity of a lifetime and will do his best to proudly represent his school and his province.
Brenden - My name is Brenden Palmer. I am seventeen years old, love sports, reading, writing and music. I am involved in a mentor program at my school as well as track and field. Over the years I have had many successful hockey seasons, acquiring two provincial championships with the Lampman Imperials and a first place win at the Saskatoon Bantam AA tournament in 2008. Last year I placed second in a junior writing competition sponsored by the Royal Canadian Legion. As of the moment I unsure of what I want to do after I complete high school, there are simply too many options. Perhaps I will travel the world first and decide later...

Chanse Wiens, Brenden Palmer

Engines That Run Themselves
Division:Life Sciences
Region:Southeast Saskatchewan
City:Halbrite, SK
School:Midale Central School
Abstract:This project is a practical application of a concept showcased at a previous Canada Wide Science Fair. Electric motors, a generator, and rechargeable batteries are installed in a remote controlled vehicle, in an attempt to build a self contained, self energizing engine.