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CWSF 2010 - Peterborough, Ontario

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Hi my name is Austin Morris, I'm 15. I go to Innisfail High School and live on a farm. I love science. I'm a huge fan of technology and am big drama geek. My favorite sport is curling. I have been in a 4-H Beef club for 7 years and my favorite thing about 4-H is public speaking, I have even made it all the way to regional's in 4-H public speaking. My dream job is to become a technology or a video game journalist.

Austin Morris

Do You Remember?
Region:Central Alberta
City:Innisfail, AB
School:Innisfail Junior Senior High School
Abstract:I did a study to find out which gender is better at math. My test was based on Grade 8 math. 3 different age groups (grade 9, college students and non-math teachers) were tested. Variables included time of day and mechanical assistance. My results show that on average, for the participants I tested, males are better at math.