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CWSF 2010 - Peterborough, Ontario

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Kylan - My name is Kylan Vidak. I was nomanated for the grade 7/8 eagle award. I used to play hockey and still would love to, also in school I play badminton. When I graduate i would like to go to SIAST for machanic, and electrition. At the regional science fair my partner and I won 1st place in our catagory, also we won 2nd place in the whole science fair alowing us to move on to national science fair.
Tanna - My name is Tanna Miskolczi. I am involved in the school in many ways, such as, I play volleyball and curling. I also usually attend all the activities the community has to offer, ex) mini-telemiricle, or church. I do some babysitting, and I cut grass for the church regularly in the summer time. My hobbies include collecting rocks/coins, playing piano, painting, and building things. The summer is my favorite time of the year because i enjoy going up to the lake, and hanging out with my friends. I also love playing outdoors, and running with my dog. When I graduate i plan on becoming an architect because i love to design things, and constantly play house building 'games' on the computer. Well, I have won many awards, in piano i recieved three medals, and so far two certificates proving that i passed that grade with honors. In school I have won awards also. The acedemic awards, and the community services awards. MY partener and I also placed second all around for regional science fair, and received a glass award, and a plaque for first place.

Kylan Vidak, Tanna Miskolczi

Solar Speculation
Division:Health Sciences
Region:Carlton Trail
City:englefeld, SK, Englefeld, SK
Abstract:Can you be enviromentally friendly while still suiting your needs? Well, we took the question into consideration and discovred that people are not as 'green' as the should be which is why we created a solar panel out of pop cans. Because we used all recyclable materials we believe that if everyone would do the same th enviromental impact would be less.