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CWSF 2010 - Peterborough, Ontario

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Shaelyn Marie - My name is Shaelyn Grassick. I am a grade eight student from Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. In school, I have been a member of all sports teams since grade five - volleyball, basketball and track and field. I have also been involved in the badminton intramural program. This year I am assisting with the school yearbook. I have been a member of our 4-H beef club for seven years. As a member, I am required to train beef animals for show and provide records about them. I am also required to present a self-composed speech of a topic of my interest. Within the 4-H club, I have held various positions. I have been the communications officer, reporter, secretary and district representative. As district representative, I am secretary of our district of 4-H clubs. My favourite sport is volleyball. I play middle position for the top volleyball team of my age group for the Prince Albert and area volleyball club. Out of five tournaments, our team has won two gold and two silver medals. We look forward to the provincial and national tournaments. As of now, my ideas for career plans may include nursing,dentristry or veterinarian medicine.
Sara Jenn - My name is Sara Grassick and I am a proud farm girl. I love living and working on the farm with my family. I have been in 4H for the last 5 years and I participate in all of its activities. I am the treasurer for our West PA 4H Beef club. I have an 1270 pound steer named Ollie. I work with him daily and I am responsible for all of his needs. One of my favorite 4H activities is public speaking. I am going to Saskatchewan provincial public speaking and my speech is on “The Differences between Farm kids and City kids.” I am very active in sports as well. At school, I participate in volleyball, basketball, cross country running and track and field. In the last three years I have won 1st place in the city cross country races. I also compete in the Saskatchewan PSL premier soccer league. This is the highest level of soccer in the province. We practice 4 times a week and then on weekends we travel to compete. It is a huge time commitment but I love it.

Shaelyn Marie Grassick, Sara Jenn Grassick

Grassick Incorporated: Building the Best Herd
Division:Life Sciences
Region:Prince Albert & Northeast Saskatchewan
City:Prince Albert, SK
School:East Central School
Abstract:This project studied the effect of creep feeding and weaning dates on the average daily gain (ADG) of steer and heifer calves. Using 3 years of cattle records, data was collected and analyzed on each calf in 2009. Heifers with the largest ADG occurred when they were weaned early and were creep fed. Steers with highest ADG were creep fed and weaned later.