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ESPC 2010 - Peterborough (Ontario)

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Sarah - I am in grade 7 at Precious Blood School. I participate in many sports and extra curricular activities, such as figure skating, tennis, baseball, swimming, basketball, track and field, cross country and piano. I have many achievements that I am proud of related to these sports or extra curricular activities, such as the preliminary ladies Trillium Starskate provincial gold medal, grade 3 in Royal Conservatory piano exams, an Ontario Track and Field Association gold medal for the 200m race and my level 9 Red Cross badge in swimming. I hope to keep trying my best in all my activities and sports. In the future I would also like to keep pursuing academic studies and study medicine in order to become a family physician. I am very happy to have had an opportunity to work with my partner, Nicole Winters, and for the very special opportunity to participate in Canada Wide Science Fair!
Nicole - My name is Nicole Winters, I am a grade 8 student from Precious Blood School, Exeter, Ontario. I am the eldest of three children. This is my first Canada-Wide Science Fair, and I am extremely excited! I love to involve myself in sports and extracurricular activities such as competitive soccer, and I also train for cross-country running and track and field. I have received many medals for both track and cross-country. I studied piano, and have written a Royal Conservatory exam. I volunteer for the local Nursing Home weekly, and for the Good Food Box once a month as well. I am actively involved in our community parish. I also write a bi-weekly news article for my school with a classmate. I do well in academics, and my favourite subjects are math, science and history. I am enrolled in academic courses for high school, and I will be running for student parliament. I would like to attend university to study medicine and become a doctor. I believe that participating in Canada-Wide will be a great life experience for me! I am ready to expand my horizons, meet knew people, and have a wonderful time!

Sarah Kwajafa, Nicole Winters

Get Smart About Smart Meters
Division:Sciences physiques et des mathématiques
Région:Avon Maitland-Huron Perth
Ville:Dashwood, ON, Exeter, ON
École:Precious Blood
Sommaire:This project studied and predicted whether or not Smart Meters and TOU pricing will fulfill the OEB's purpose to reduce energy consumption during peak times. The data was collected by conducting 25 interviews and results were tabulated using graphs. The concept of Smart Meters and TOU pricing were found to be very effective, with over 56% of people planing to change their electricity consuming habits.

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Mention honorable - Sciences physiques et des mathématiques
Sponsor: Encana Corporation
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