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CWSF 2010 - Peterborough, Ontario

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The name's Kyle John Lefort, born February 2nd 1995 into the little community of Chéticamp on the island of Cape Breton, N.S. I love sports and I don't know what i would be without them. Favorite sports are Cross country, distance running and track. I've been to "Les Finales des Jeux de l'Acadie" for track once in 2008 and I won the gold medal in the 1200m. I was first place this year at our 5k cross country meet with a time of under 19 minutes. Lately though work and school have taken over training and I'm missing my qualifiers for "les Jeux" track this week for science fair. There isn't a whole bunch of team sports in Chéticamp because we don't have enough people to create teams so I usually end up competing individually. I work as a lighting & sound technician at the community auditorium in Chéticamp. I do half decent at school favorite classes are sciences, math and gym. My plans for the future are too become a doctor in the army. I only started doing science fairs in grade 7, Since then I have finished top 3 at my school and always gone to provincials.

Kyle LeFort

C'est Courber: Mesurer l'indice de réfraction des solutions sucrées
Division:Physical & Mathematical Sciences
Region:Conseil scolaire acadien provincial
City:Chéticamp, NS
School:École NDA
Abstract:L’objectif de cette expérience était de mesurer l'indice de réfraction des solutions sucrées et par conséquent prouver la loi de Snell. J'ai utilisé un laser et un prisme triangulaire faite en verre pour trouver l'indice de réfraction de quatre solutions avec des différentes concentrations de sucres. J'ai trouvé que le plus de sucre dans une solution, le plus grand l'indice de réfraction.