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CWSF 2010 - Peterborough, Ontario

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My name is Tirion Grice and I come from the Pacific Northwest region. This is my third year in regional Science Fairs and I am in Grade 8. I am interested in science, especially the human brain. I have been playing the violin for nine years, this is my tenth and play with many musical groups inside the community. I am a part-time student at the high school where I am a member of the Junior Concert Band, where I play flute. I enjoy reading and writing and my favourite subjects in school are math, english and science. Once I graduate, I would love to become a veterinarian. I love animals and would like to do I can to help them. For now, I would like to volunteer and town's local shelter, and soon I will be able to volunteer at the clinic. I am honoured to be chosen to go to CWSF 2010 and think it's going to be a great experience!

Tirion Grice

Don't Look At Me Like That!
Region:Pacific Northwest
City:Telkwa, BC
School:Smithers Secondary
Abstract:This project investigated emotional recognition in speech, facial expressions and both combined, for adults, teenagers and children. Recognition was moderate with speech alone, but more accurate with video, regardless of whether speech was available as well. There was little difference between age groups or genders, except that adult females were consistently more accurate.