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CWSF 2010 - Peterborough, Ontario

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Laura Ellen - I was born on March 30th 1995, in Montreal, Quebec to my parents Heather Smith-Rigg and Paul Rigg. We then moved to Ontario for a few years, and re-located again after the birth of my brother in 1997, to Nova Scotia. I always enjoyed science all through elementary, and my love of science has grown through Junior High. I've managed to keep a high 90 plus average throughout the last three years in my late french immersion program, along with participation in many activities including paddling, weightlifting, swimming, dancing, track and multiple volunteering activities. I recently participated in a Haiti relief campaign, "Hot Chocolate for Haiti" where my bestfriend and CWSF partnermRosa and I sold hot chocolate at our junior high's canteen, raising money for medication, food and clean water to help those in effected by the earthquake in Haiti. Another one of my past times is music, I play the trumpet, and enjoy a variety of music. My future plans include attending Dartmouth High, and getting my bilingual diploma, and attending university. Persuing a career in either science, business, or possibly firefighting.
Rosa Lee - I am 14, almost 15 years of age and I am in the French emersion program at Ellevale Junior High School, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. My academic interests are in, history, cultures, social justice and the enviornment. I have maintained a 90+ averege in school for the past two years. I have spearheaded several campagnes in school such as raising money for Haiti releif and raising food in support for the local food bank. I have participated in several school campagnes to promote a cleaner enviorment, including stoping idoling infront of school property and community clean-ups. I'm currently working to promote better recycling and composting practices in my school. My hobbies include basket-ball, voice and guitar. I would like to persue a career that will contribute to lives of people and communities and to the perservation on the enviornment.

Laura Ellen Rigg, Rosa Lee Poirier-McKiggan

Trash Talk
Division:Health Sciences
City:Dartmouth, NS
School:Ellenvale Junior High School
Abstract:Trash Talk studied the garbage disposal habits of Ellenvale Junior High School, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Samples of disposed garbage were collected from the school’s lunch program for three consecutive days. The garbage was sorted into three categories: properly disposed garbage, compostable items and recyclable items. Results demonstrated 44% was properly disposed garbage, 46% compostable items and 10% recyclable items.