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CWSF 2010 - Peterborough, Ontario

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Brandon Alexander - Hi I'm Brandon Holland, I go to Millwood High School. I play lacrosse outside of school for the Sackville Wolves. I'm a normal high school student, I like to hang out and have fun. After high school i want to do bio med engineering then into med school. I want to be a neurologist, neurosurgeon.
Ryan James - I am a grade 11 student at Millwood High School, I play teir 1 competitive soccer and I like playing video games. I hope to go to University and become an engineer, I am not sure what type of engineer yet.

Brandon Alexander Holland, Ryan James Garland

Planaria Regeneration and Memory
Division:Life Sciences
City:Lucasville, NS, Lower Sackville, NS
School:Millwood High School
Abstract:The project’s objective is to determine whether regenerated planaria retain leant behaviors. This is determined by utilizing electroconvulsive therapy to teach planaria to avoid the shade. After the planarian display signs of learning this behavior, we bisect it regenerating two planaria. The regenerated selves are tested for common knowledge the original planarian exhibited. Our sample size concluded both halves remember what the original was taught.