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CWSF 2010 - Peterborough, Ontario

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Hi, my name is Grace Enns and I'm in grade 9. I love all sports, but sailing happens to be my favourite. One of my greatest achievements was carrying the Olympic torch. It was really fun and made me very proud to be a Canadian. One of my greatest honors was being a valedictorian in grade 8. I find sciences very interesting and my goal is to become a high school science teacher or a dentist.

Grace Enns

Ready, Set, Grow! Does CO2 and O2 Affect Cucumber Growth?
Division:Health Sciences
City:Kingsville, ON
School:Cardinal Carter C.S.S.
Abstract:This project explored the effects of an enriched environment of CO2 and O2 on the growth of cucumber plants. It was found that a CO2 and O2 enriched environment and a CO2 enriched environment had a favorable affect on cucumber plant growth. However, an O2 enriched environment had a negative affect on cucumber plant growth.