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CWSF 2010 - Peterborough, Ontario

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Jenny - My name is Jenny Tian, a grade 12 student in Centennial C.V.I. I enjoy involving myself to gain valuable experiences. In school, I am the executive for Nutrition Club and Prefects. As well, I have been a member of the MBA program, Music knights, OSAID, Mentor program, Chemistry club, Terry Fox committee and DECA. I have also competed in the International Career Development Conference, Kiwanis Music Festival, WWSEF, and Sanofi-Aventis Bio-talent Challenge. During my spare time, I enjoy playing badminton and fencing. Furthermore, as part-time jobs, I am an enthusiastic babysitter and a dedicated piano teacher. I enjoy challenging myself with every open opportunity, I believe that the experience gained will help me to achieve for my lifelong goals. I am extremely passionate about nutrition and healthy living. I enjoy modifying recipes for healthier benefits and I volunteer at a chiropractic centre here in Guelph, Ontario. In September, I will be attending McGill University for the Dietetics and Human Nutrition major of Nutrition Sciences. I believe that people’s health and well-being are imperative. I want to take in action and create a positive difference in this world.
Leslie - Leslie Bothwell has been a driving force behind environmental initiatives at community and school levels. In 2008, Leslie was among the youngest applicants selected as one of 270 Canadians to be trained by Al Gore and David Suzuki to deliver the “An Inconvenient Truth” presentation. As the Student Council’s Environmental Coordinator, Leslie raises environmental awareness by organizing litter-less lunch campaigns, campus cleanups and recycling awareness programs. She also formed a recycling team and implemented the first functional recycling program at her high school in over 30 years. The model that was developed under Leslie’s dynamic leadership has proven to be a success and is now being rolled out across the local school board. In addition to Leslie’s environmental work, she is also a compassionate humanitarian. Locally, she worked tirelessly to plan and organize a community dinner event to raise funds for an inspirational teacher’s medical treatment. Leslie’s work has been recognized. She’s received many accolades, including a fifth place finish at Sanofi Aventis Bioteque Challenge, many leadership and volunteer awards, and awards for academic excellence. Leslie’s work to improve the environment and the lives of the people around her truly make her an inspirational leader.

Jenny Tian, Leslie Bothwell

The Relation of Total Resistant Starch Concentration in Potatoes
Division:Earth & Environmental Sciences
City:Guelph, ON
School:Centennial Collegiate & Vocational Institute
Abstract:This experiment will determine the effects of variations in environmental conditions to the resulting concentrations of resistant starch in the potatoes tested. Starch concentrations were analyzed using Englyst method and spectrophotometer readings against glucose standards. Results indicate refrigerated potatoes contain higher resistant starch and slowly digestible starch content.

Awards Value
Honourable Mention - Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Sciences
Sponsor: Youth Science Canada