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CWSF 2010 - Peterborough, Ontario

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Kristen Drinkle is a 13 year old grade eight student at Waverly Public School in Oshawa Ontario. She participates in a wide variety of activities, both in and out of school, including soccer, basketball, baseball, rep soccer, curling, track and field and more. She is also involved in leadership at her school ( she is a founding member of her school’s leadership team and attended the 2009 Durham Region Leadership Camp). She has won many awards at her school, including athletic, achievement, arts and academic awards. Like any teenager, Kristen enjoys spending time outside, hanging out with her friends and living life to the fullest. She also enjoys spending time with her family including their annual trip to New Brunswick to see relatives. While she is in New Brunswick, her family and her go into the woods and make maple syrup. Since Kristen loves both science and animals, she is working hard at become a veterinarian. She is looking forward to her years in high school and University.

Kristen Drinkle

Polyester VS. Down
Division:Physical & Mathematical Sciences
City:Oshawa, ON
School:Waverly P.S.
Abstract:The purpose of this experiment is to see which type of insulation fabric can keep you warmer for the longest period of time. The types of insulation I used are down and polyester. Down is goose and duck feathers or thier plumage. Polyester is polymers which contain the ester functional group.