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CWSF 2010 - Peterborough, Ontario

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Jennifer Csele currently resides in Welland, located in the heart of the Niagara Region. She is fourteen years old and presently in grade eight at Alexander Kuska Catholic Elementary School. She will be attending Notre Dame College School in the academic stream for her secondary education this fall. Upon participating in the Regional Historica Fair, Jennifer has won the Archives of Ontario award and the Honourable Laurier L. Lapierre, O.C. award. She has also participated in the school board chess tournament as the first chair of the team as well as in her school’s public speaking competition and was awarded first place. The career path which she would like to peruse would be to become a teacher or an engineer. She competed in her first NRESF this spring and won both the Brock University Chemistry award and the silver medal in the junior division. She is an avid badminton player and has also competed in the Gauss Math Test in which she placed in the top 25%. She is one of Welland’s Princesses for the Folklore Festival from Canadian Slovak League Branch 23.

Jennifer Csele

Flame Spectroscopy
Division:Physical & Mathematical Sciences
City:Welland, ON
School:Alexander Kuska Catholic School
Abstract:In this project, metal salts were put into a flame and the colours emitted by the flame were observed through a homemade spectroscope. The spectroscope was calibrated using a mercury lamp allowing the exact wavelengths of resulting flame emissions to be determined. Analysis of these emissions allowed assignment of specific visible wavelengths to a metal enabling analysis of unknown compounds.