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CWSF 2010 - Peterborough, Ontario

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I`m Jornell, 13 years old born in Scarborough, Ontario. I`m the youngest among my two brothers aged 20 and 16 years old. Since I was a little kid I love to build things out of cardboard like making model airplanes, ships, and buildings. I also love to play video games. I`m also very athletic and always compete in track & field, football, and soccer. I have lots of awards and ribbons from all these school activities. My other interest is robotics. Last year, I was selected as one of t he representative of my school in the Toronto Sci-Tech Fair. My project is about ``How Does A Plane Fly``. I won a bronze medal from this project. I also got in the honour roll in the first term this school year. My post secondary career plans is to become an engineer either in the aerospace or industrial engineering field. This year I was so excited to get a gold medal from the Toronto Sci-Tech fair and was chosen to join the Toronto team to the CWSFcompetition. My family were very proud of me. I`m sure I will enjoy my stay in Peterborough during the CWSF.

Jornell Umali

Can a Video Game Controller Control A Robot
Division:Life Sciences
City:Toronto, ON
School:Regent Heights Public School
Abstract:I wanted to see if it's possible to control a robotic arm using a Wii video game controller. I built an arm made out of lego and motors, which I connected to my laptop using bluetooth technology. The bluetooth device was connected to the controller, which successfully controlled the robot.