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CWSF 2010 - Peterborough, Ontario

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My name is Adam Delfico, and I am a 12 year old grade 7 student at St.-Antoine Daniel Catholic School in Toronto, Ontario. This is my first year of being involved in Science Fair and I am very happy to have made it to Canada-Wide. I love science; it is one of my favourite subjects. I plan to continue learning about science in high school and in university, as I hope to have a career in medicine or engineering. The sport I’m most involved in is hockey. I usually play or practice 4 times a week during hockey season, and once a week through the summer. When I’m not in school or playing hockey, I’m either reading or playing street hockey with friends, and I also like to play video games. My friends and family are also a big part of my life. They have been very positive influence on me, and they are always encouraging me to do my best and always try my hardest.

Adam Delfico

How is the carbon dioxide you exhale affected by exercise
City:North York, ON
School:St. Antoine Daniel C.S.
Abstract:The respiratory system, converts oxygen and glucose into energy and produces a waste gas called carbon dioxide. This project studied the effect that exercise has on carbon dioxide exhaled. A homemade respirometer, with a PH indicator solution, was used to measure the difference in carbon dioxide output before and after exercise. The carbon dioxide exhaled increased after exercise, along with heart rate and breathing rate.