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CWSF 2010 - Peterborough, Ontario

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My name is Patrick Lee and I attend Upper Canada College. Currently, I am in the rugby team with gratitude because the funniest teacher in the school is coaching the team. I love the feel of tackling someone and receiving a tackle. In 2nd term, I was a dedicated member of the basketball team. We faced many schools such as Crescent. Furthermore, throughout the whole year, I was and am an active participator of both the Band and the Jazz Band. Both bands were invited to the Nationals, but unfortunately, the school couldn't find a time for playing at the Nationals. This year, I performed my monologue at the Bishop Strachan School Talent Show. I was encouraged to do this by my drama teacher who was shocked at my monologue that I presented for the school curriculum. Also, I am an excellent runner for I qualified for the Kraft Check Bolt last year and will participate this year as well. Some hobbies of mine are reading and playing the clarinet. For career plans, I am going to be a successful businessman and create my own company. I want to incorporate electronics and green products together, so my products are eco-friendly.

Patrick Lee

Is Your House Really Green?
Division:Health Sciences
City:Toronto, ON
School:Upper Canada College
Abstract:The purpose of this experiment was to determine which roof material- grass, wood or drywall would act as the best insulator. First part of the experiment would be simulating a house under a summer to winter climate. The second part of the experiment would be simulating a house under a winter to summer climate. The grass roof was the most effective insulator in both climates.