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CWSF 2010 - Peterborough, Ontario

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Moriah - My name is Moriah and I live in Toronto, Ontario with two sisters, a bother and my mom and dad. I attend Francis Libermann Catholic High school as a part of the grade seven and eight Congregated Gifted Program. I am currently in grade eight and doing exceptionally well in the program. I received Honors for achieving an overall average of over eighty percent for my grade seven marks. I participate in many school activities such as sports, Library Club, band and more. Many of these activities involve interaction with older high school students. Outside of school I play the piano and take swimming lessons. My other hobbies include acting, computer programming, cooking, drawing and singing. I have participated in different choirs and swimming competitions and have won many awards, trophies and ribbons. Although I have won many awards before, I have never won an award of this distinction. I am extremely honored to participate in the Canada Wide Science Fair.
Ellie - I am an avid reader, pianist, and horseback rider; my weekends revolve around piano lessons and riding lessons; I also enjoy cross country running. I enjoy anything equine-related, including reading about them and drawing. During the summer, I enjoy staying at my family's cottage. At school, the library club, newspaper team, eco-club, and band practice fill up free after-school time. Some of my many achievements include winning scholarships for piano lessons and winning ribbons in horse riding events. In the future, I hope to pursue a careeer in veterinary medicine, possibly specializing in veterinary surgery; this goes hand-in-hand with my passion for animals, nature, and problem-solving.

Moriah Gillette, Ellie Kubisz

Beans Under Influence
Division:Health Sciences
City:Toronto, ON
School:Francis Libermann C.S.S.
Abstract:Our project gives insight to the effects of pharmaceuticals on our natural environment. Under controlled conditions, we grew a series of kidney beans to observe their effects on commonly discarded pain killer brands. We observed that the painkillers had a negative effect on plants, such as wilting and discolouration. Under the circumstances, these plants ultimately succumbed to the chemicals in the painkillers.