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CWSF 2010 - Peterborough, Ontario

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My name is Juliana Skuza and I am a grade 12 student at Notre Dame High School in Toronto. Since grade 9, I have been a member of my highschool volleyball, basketball, hockey and soccer teams. I am also a member of Athletic Council. Outside of school I play houseleague hockey, rep soccer, volunteer at the zoo, and work at a soccer camp. I have been playing hockey for 12 years and in my last year was awarded "Player of the Year". I have also recieved the "Most Sportsmanlike" award on 11 occasions. I spend most of my time at school, on a field, or at my cottage. I love animals and the outdoors. I recently returned from a trip to Costa Rica and had the experience of a lifetime. We visited many rainforests and saw tons of amazing critters and animals. Next year I will be attending the University of Guelph for their Wildlife Biology Program.

Juliana Skuza

The Effect of Mycelium and Different Substrates on the Degradation of Oil
Division:Health Sciences
City:Toronto, ON
School:Notre Dame C.S.S.
Abstract:This experiment involved using the mycelium of oyster mushrooms on a simulated oil spill as well as testing different substrates to conclude which combinations would work best to degrade the oil. A major finding was that in some substrate samples, the mycelium began to fruit and in other samples, seperation of the oil became visible.

Awards Value
Honourable Mention - Earth & Environmental Science
Sponsor: Suncor Energy Inc.