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CWSF 2010 - Peterborough, Ontario

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My name is Ben Morgan and I'm in the Astronomy Philosophy and Track and Field groups at my school. I've done speeches on astronomy in my Local library since my career and hobby is all about astronomy. I'm also interested in micro expressions and body language, which, if you don't know, is what my project is, micro expressions. After school I hope to go to the University of British Columbia or the University of Alberta and become an astronomer. I've been on CBC Radio One on the November 28th episode answering questions regarding astronomy with some other people as well. I think that this will help me learn and increase my interest in micro expressions and also, st the same time, educate myself.

Benjamin Morgan

Micro Expressions, Poker Tells and Deception Indicators
Region:Victoria County
City:Fenelon Falls, ON
School:Fenelon Falls S.S.
Abstract:My project is on micro expressions. Micro expressions are expressions that will appear on the face for 1/25 - 1/2 of a second. With this we have learned that expressions really are universal - they appear in everyone, even chimpanzees - and what emotion goes with what expression. It is mainly used to tell if someone is lying and to help the mentally disabled too.