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CWSF 2010 - Peterborough, Ontario

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My name is Erin Gilmer. I go to Seaway Distict High School, and this is my first Canada Wide Science Fair. I have danced since I was a little girl. I play soccer, baseball, basketball, volleyball, and science is my favourite subject in school. I am a tutor, and I help at a local restaurant in my town called The Basket Case Cafe. I've won the Regional Science Fair for wall posters before, but this is my first time for a stand-up project. I've always explained myself as a mild case of being a germaphobe, and my class can second that. I made the honour roll this term, and the character always award last term. I want to go to The Art Institute of Vancouver or The Art Institue of California when I grow up to become an interior designer, or become a microbiologist, because even though I am a germaphobe, I would love to study about bacteria to help the world. I am very excited to go to CWSF to meet other people from all over the country that share the same interest as me, and to have this opportunity is amazing.

Erin Gilmer

How Clean Is Your School??
Region:United Counties
City:Morrisburg, ON
School:Seaway District H.S.
Abstract:I decided to do my project on bacteria, because not too many people seem to know how important washing hands and cleaning commonly touched surfaces are. I found out what bacteria are in my school by using agar blood plates, and researching all about the germs and what can happen to you if you can catch them.