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CWSF 2010 - Peterborough, Ontario

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I am a grade seven student at Marymount Academy. I enjoy playing all sports, but love soccer. I have played soccer competitively for five years. I also love public speaking. Last year, I won first place in the Sudbury Catholic School Junior Public Speaking Competition. I love reading and problem solving. I definitely want to pursue a career in science, and am leaning toward a career in vet medicine or forensic sciences.

Mia Pandolfo

Crank Remote - Saving the Landfills One Crank at a Time
Division:Physical & Mathematical Sciences
City:Sudbury, ON
School:Marymount Academy
Abstract:This innovation, the Crank Remote, was inspired by environmental issues surrounding poor single-use battery disposal. A regular television remote was rewired to become a crank powered remote. The new and improved crank remote never runs out of power. The creation of this crank powered remote can help save the environment as potentially millions and millions of single-use batteries could be kept out of landfills.