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CWSF 2010 - Peterborough, Ontario

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I am a grade 7 student at Khalsa School Surrey. I am part of the Chess club and also take part in many athletic school teams. I also do taekwondo and I have 5 gold, 2 silver, and 1 bronze medals at BC championships. I enjo various sports, and I have also been part of YMCA basketball teams. I plan on studying engineering at the University of British Columbia.

Nihal Dev

Effect of phospates on the oxygen levels in pond water
Division:Health Sciences
Region:South Fraser
City:Surrey, BC
School:Khalsa School (Surrey)
Abstract:Effects of phosphates on dissolved oxygen levels in pond water was determined. I filled 6 jars with same amount of water but added different amounts of phosphate to each, except the constant. The temperature, sunlight and other factors were kept constant. My results showed that oxygen levels increased due to algae growth, and this proves that once the algae die the oxygen will be consumed.