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CWSF 2010 - Peterborough, Ontario

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Milen - My name is Milen Melles and I'm a grade 7 student. People say I talk a lot but I seem to think I ask and answer a lot of questions. Sports are one of the many thing I enjoy. High jump,running, playing volleyball, basketball and soccer are my favorite sports. I was a member of the W5H team, which is a general knowledge quiz team, in both junior and intermediate divisions. I am also an active member of Y.L.C. Y.L.C is a youth leadership group at the Y.M.C.A. I love to organize and invent things. New ideas pop into my head when I see new things. When I'm older I would like to have two jobs. I want to invite a car that is environmentally friendly and I would like to be an assistant for a C.E.O of a big company. The high school that I'm planning to attend Pope John Paul II and take I.B. I.B stands for the International Baccalaureate.In high school I want to take chemistry. I'm fascinated by chemical reactions and finding the missing idea to problems. My goal for life is to be the best I can be and do something useful for mankind.
Nicole - My name is Nicole Bianca D'Cunha, and I am a grade 7 student. The school that I attend is St. Malachy. I live in Toronto, Ontario. My background is Indian, but I was born in the Middle East (Oman). I then moved to Canada in 2001. I enjoy science, music, movies, being with my friends, talking on the phone, and spending time with my family. I do many recreational activities like, piano, gymnastics, and martial arts. I would describe myself as creative, intelligent, and friendly. I would say I show more of my feminine side to others. I am interested in clothing, designing fashion, and shopping. When I grow up, I want to be a fashion designer. This is my choice for the future, because I would enjoy expressing my creativity through fashion. I have attended the Toronto Sci-Tech Fair last year, and I thought it was a great event. Important things in my life are family & friends, education, religion, health, and having fun. I had a memorable experience at the 2010 Toronto Sci tech Fair. I think I’m unique, quirky, and likable.

Milen Melles, Nicole D'Cunha

Sweet Cupcakes
City:Toronto, ON
School:St. Malachy School
Abstract:Our project is about chemical reactions while baking. To raise the batter you need an acid and baking powder. We tested to see which cupcake will rise the highest. We substituted the acid in the recipe with buttermilk, coffee, vinegar & lemon juice. We baked and measured the height and weight. We concluded that the more acetic the acid is, the higher it will rise.