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CWSF 2010 - Peterborough, Ontario

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Devin - My name is Devin Campbell. This is my first year at the CWSF, and I have only participated in the RSF once before. My hobbies include outdoor sports and robotics. Such as rock climbing, wilderness camping, and i am planning to take Scuba Diving lessons. I am also on a team that participates in the world wide FTC challenge. In this my team will build robots that can compete in a yearly challenge that they organize. When I am not doing any of these things, I spend my time with the 89 Pacific Air Cadet Squadron. Currently I am a the only Tenor Saxophone player in their band and I also am one of their drill team members. This summer, I am enrolled in a three week Air Cadet survival camp. At the end of the camp, I will have to survive with one partner for two days in the wilderness. An added bonus to the camp is that I get paid for it. For School, I am learning at Esquimalt High School and I am in their Challenge program for gifted students. I have big hopes for this trip and I already am planning projects for next year.
Sebastian - Hi, I' m Sebastian Sutter, I live in Victoria and I' m 15 years old. My other interests besides working on the robot are photography (sold a picture at an art show), cruising the streets on my longboard, cycling and, in the winter, snowboarding.

Devin Campbell, Sebastian Sutter

How to Build a Robot
Division:Life Sciences
Region:Vancouver Island
City:Victoria, BC
School:Esquimalt Community School
Abstract:We built a First Tech Challenge robot to compete in tournaments. Using remote control, our robot had to collect, store, and shoot balls into three different height goals. We would need to design and build our robot using only Tetrix parts and optional amounts of aluminum, plastics, and PVC piping. We could use Tetrix DC motors, Tetrix servo motors, and LEGO servo motors.