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CWSF 2010 - Peterborough, Ontario

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I am 13, and one of the smallest of my group of friends. I love hockey and the Vancouver Canucks but can't stand the Anaheim Ducks. I am a fan of canoeing and camping trips and have been many places and many different country's in the world and am used to adapting to different environments. I have a LOT of pets and love hiking, bush waking and fishing. I like animals and am not afraid to get my hands dirty. Am i social and usually very rule abiding. I love almost every and any type of chocolate but am not a fan of peppers or mushrooms.

Birch Bansgrove

What to do with all that Poo?
Division:Health Sciences
Region:Vancouver Island
City:Saanich, BC
School:Cedar Hill Jr Secondary
Abstract:My project assessed if a small artificial wetland could treat waste water. I built three small wetlands, one with just water, one with water and duckweed, and one with water, duckweed, and emergent plants. I then took some tests and compared the three wetlands to each other. I found out if the wetlands could treat waste water and what plants are best for the job.