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CWSF 2010 - Peterborough, Ontario

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Ethan Minard is a grade 7 French Immersion student from Yarmouth NS, where he attends the Yarmouth Junior High School. Ethan is an avid athlete and enjoys all types of sports. In the winter you can often find Ethan at the hockey rink where he plays as a goaltender for the Yarmouth Bantam A Mariners. Ethan also plays for the Yarmouth Junior High hockey team as a goalie, and is on the track and field team for his school as well. This past year during Bantam A Hockey Provincials he won the goalie shoot-out in Bantam A Provincials Championships. This is Ethan's first year participating in the science fair and he looks forward to more years of involvement. His project won 1st place in grade 7 at the Yarmouth Junior High, and he placed second in the Junior division at the Tri-County School Board's Regional Science Fair, and winning third overall, awarding him the opportunity to move on to the Canadian Wide Science Fair. Ethan has interest in the field of Electrical Engineering and hopes to expand his knowledge and experiences over the next few years, with the possibility of pursuing a career in that field some day.

Ethan Minard

Comment Les Trains Maglev Travaiellent
Division:Life Sciences
City:Yarmouth, NS
School:Yarmouth Junior High School
Abstract:Mon projet est sur les trains maglev et leur Bonnifet sur l’environnement. Les trains maglev utilise les aimant pour suspende en haut de la piste qu’il voyage sur ont utilisons les force magnétique. J’ai fait beaucoup d’expirèrent sur les aimant et comment ils travaillent. À ce moment les trains maglev utilise plutôt les électro-aimants. Les électro-aimants sont des aimants qui utilisent l’électricité.