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CWSF 2010 - Peterborough, Ontario

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Kendra Elizabeth - Kendra Belding is a grade ten high honors student who lives in Saint John, NB and attends St. Malachy’s Memorial High School. Kendra is also enrolled in the Late French Immersion Program at her high school. Achieving academic success is a goal Kendra has exhibited throughout her whole school career and her educational results reflect this attitude. Chemistry is presently one of Kendra’s favorite classes at school. In addition to her high standard concerning academics Kendra has a very natural outgoing, positive, and warm personality who truly enjoys all people. These personal traits help Kendra make a positive contribution to the numerous extracurricular activities she is involved in at her school such as the Field Hockey team, Key Club, Reach for the Top, Drama Team, and School Musical. Kendra’s genuine concern for her community is also evident in the number of occasions she has volunteered to help out various organizations and their causes such as Run for the Cure. Furthermore, Kendra really enjoys spending time with her parents and four siblings, going to dance class and hanging out with friends. Kendra's future plans are to attend University however she is still exploring the many different opportunities available for career choices.
Brittney - Brittney Allen is a grade 10 high honors student enrolled in the French Immersion program at Saint Malachys Memorial High School in Saint John, New Brunswick. In 2009, Brittney was awarded the Coffee Award for academic achievement and outstanding contribution to school life. Brittney is a member of her high school girls Field Hockey team, Track & Field team and she competed with Cheerleading team winning the N.B provincial title in 2009. Brittney has a passion for science and for dance. She has competed in past district and regional science fairs, placing first in her divisions. In 2006, Brittney was awarded the Promising Student Award in Biotechnology at the NB Fundy Regional Science Fair. Brittney is a competitive dancer, competing and training nationally and internationally, and she is employed as a student dance teacher. Brittney plans to pursue a career in medicine.

Kendra Elizabeth Belding, Brittney Allen

Seaweed Booster Juice
Division:Life Sciences
City:Saint John, NB, Saint John , NB
School:St. Malachy's Memorial High School
Abstract:The hypothesis that seaweed would act as a stimulant for seed growth was proven correct. Seaweed solutions applied to lettuce seeds resulted in enhanced germinant growth. Industrial activity in seaweed growth areas did not appear to negatively affect the biostimulant ability of seaweed or result in less effective booster juice. Fir tree needle loss was reduced when a seaweed booster juice solution was applied.