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CWSF 2010 - Peterborough, Ontario

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My name is Lauren Sylliboy. I am 18 years old attending Chief Allison Bernard Memorial High. I am currently in grade 12. My interests include Art, Photography, medicine. The school activities I participate in Envirothon, EMP(Eskasoni Multi media Project), the art and jewlery club. In grade 11, I recieved a Lientenent Govenor Award for achieving the highest average. I also achieved Honors with Distinction for grades 10 and 11. My hobbies include making jewlery, photography, and reading.

Lauren Sylliboy

Hand Gestures
Region:Mi'kma'q First Nation
City:Eskasoni, NS
School:Eskasoni High School
Abstract:The question is, is personality related to hand gestures? People were surveyed with two questionnaires to determine what kind of personality they had, were they an extrovert or an introvert. The 2nd questionnaire was based on how the subject reacts when interviewed, by studying the types of hand gestures made, and timing they length of the interview.