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ESPC 2010 - Peterborough (Ontario)

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My name is Annie, I am from Winnipeg, Manitoba, and I am in grade seven. My favourite area of science is biology, which is what my project is on. I also love Social Studies. Different traditions and cultures are great to learn about! I also love drama- I love to act! For the past 4 years, I have taken part in my school division's musical theatre production. In school, I set very high standards for myself, I am proud to say that I do acheive them. For example, last year, I was proud to win 7 different awards at the end of the year. I believe that I made it to the national science fair by working hard, and going the extra mile as I try to do with all my work. My other intrest is baking. Among family and friends, I am famous for my potato gratin with emmental cheese, and my hazelnut chocolate cupcakes. Hobbies I enjoy include, badminton, and biking. As for my future, I would like to go to university and I hope to go into either optomology, (the human eye is fascinating,) or to attend cooking school, (so I could own my own bakery).

Annie Marie Ross

Peripheral Vision: What Can You See?
Région:St. James-Assiniboia
Ville:Winnipeg, MB
École:Bruce Middle School
Sommaire:This project demonstrated three different variables that could change a human's degree of peripheral vision-age, lighting conditions, and the ability to see different colours- red and blue by using home-made testing materials. I determined that as people got older, they had weaker peripheral vision than younger people. As lights became darker, peripheral vision weakened in everyone. Blue was a colour easier seen than red.

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Mention honorable - Sciences de la santé
Sponsor: Instituts de recherche en santé du Canada
100,00 $
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