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ESPC 2010 - Peterborough (Ontario)

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My name is Cody Shaw. I was born in Manitoba on June 2, 1993, and lived my life there so far. I have jumped from school to school, ranging from rural schools to my current city high school, Fort Richmond Collegiate. I have a very high standard for school subjects and classes that interest me, including Physics, Calculus, Chemistry and Computer Science. Some activities that I take part in outside of school other than extensive Science Fair work would be being a part of a charity group called “The Speed Gamers”, who do lengthy video game marathons for various charities. To date, we have raised over $130,000. Another one of my large hobbies would be computers. I have built multiple high end “enthusiast” computers over my grade school life, mainly for gaming and entertainment purposes. I also spend a large amount of time following the Large Hadron Collider, as Theoretical Physics is one of my favourite interests. For my post secondary education, I plan on getting a double major in Particle Physics and Electrical Engineering, and then upgrading the EE major to a PhD, so that I can follow my dreams and maybe someday work along side the LHC.

Cody Shaw

Phononic Crystals: Revisited
Division:Sciences physiques et des mathématiques
Région:Manitoba Schools Science Symposium
Ville:Ste. Agathe, MB
École:Fort Richmond Collegiate
Sommaire:This project demonstrates that phononic crystals built to affect ultrasonic sound can be scaled to affect audible sound in a similar manner. As expected, the crystal constructed for audible sound shows similar properties to its smaller counterparts, including band gap and focusing effects. This submission enhances a preliminary attempt by taking a multidisciplinary approach to the measurement and processing of experimental data.

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