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CWSF 2011 - Toronto, Ontario

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Glenn - My name is Glenn McGregor, I attend grade 12 at Midale Central School in Midale Saskatchewan. I have been apart of multiple extra curicular activites that are invovled with the school and the community. I have been known for leader ship as announced team captains and a few awards on the side. As well with extra curricular I joined the SRC at Midale Central school in 2010 where I started as vice president and in 2011 moved to president. Along with the sports career i have played on AA and A hockey and baseball teams in Estevan, Beinfait and Stoughton Saskatchewan. Also i have helped out with other events that are happening in the community. Currently working as a hired farm hand, for a local neighbor, and will be attending Lakeland college in Vermillion, Alberta to take Crop Technology in the fall of 2011.
Codi - I have been involved in our school mentor program for 4 years. I have been in my church Youth Group for 5 years, where I've participated in two National Youth Group Gatherings. I've played hockey for 13 years. I've won League, Provincals, two Canadian Western Tournaments which I've got MVP of the game in both, Most improved and MVP.I've been in beef 4-h for 9 years where I've had the roles of Reporter, Treasurer, Vice President, and my current role of President over the years. Awards I've achieved are winning my showing class,best questionaire,judging,district judging, showmanship, Personal Development,General Proficiency, and best gaianing calf. It was my third year at out our Regional Science Fair. My first two years my project won " Agriculture in the Class". Being a farmboy I enjoy helping out on our Ranch and Farm. I've started my herd of twenty Maine Anjou commercial cattle. I'm also in the process of getting my PFA application. I have applied at the University of Saskatchewan for a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture. I then plan to become a Veternaian, and start my own clinic up in my hometown.

Glenn McGregor, Codi Sjostrand

S.M. Gates
Region:Southeast Saskatchewan
City:Midale, SK
School:Midale Central School
Abstract:S.M. gates was developed to provide convenience and safety to livestock producers. The main idea behind this development was so you didn't have to get out of your tractor while entering and exiting corral systems. It reduces the problem of cattle getting out of the corral. Also saftey is advanced, as this gate can't swing back and injure your face or body.