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CWSF 2011 - Toronto, Ontario

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I live in Olds Alberta, a small community located roughly between Edmonton and Calgary. As a child, I had a profound interest in Science, and enjoyed collecting and studying Cretaceous fossils with my father. As I grew up, I began to see and enjoy science in my life around me. It began with fossils, then evolved to building and modifying bikes. Taking an interest in construction, I began to fly radio controlled aircraft, building my own from scratch and experimenting with many obscure flight concepts. As I learnt more about flying and building airplanes, I began to do aerial photography with a custom built aircraft. I learnt more about video production, and eventually converted an obsolete room in my basement into a video recording studio, complete with greenscreen and studio lighting. When I began driving this summer I started to rekindle my passion for building stuff, and fixed up several cars, performing tasks such as painting and coolant system repair. After taking a course at my school on welding and machining, I purchased a welder and converted our garage into a shop, where I worked on this project. I hope to go into engineering.

Tim Carlielle

Electric Snow Transportation
Region:Central Alberta
City:Olds, AB
School:Olds Junior Senior High School
Abstract:This project investigates some possible design alternatives to the typical snowmobile that are more environmentally friendly and could later be modified to be powered by an electric drive system. The two preliminary prototypes tested in this project are a snow bike design and a motorized ski setup.