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CWSF 2011 - Toronto, Ontario

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I grew up on a dairy farm, your average small town girl who loves riding horses and being with my family. I'm the second oldest in my family, with three brothers and three sisters. Whether I'm dancing to it, singing it or just listening to it, music is my main passion. I started dance when I was 5 and singing when I was 10.

Jordana Gorrill

R U Paying Attention?
Region:Carlton Trail
City:Bulyea, SK
School:William Derby
Abstract:I conducted an experiment to determine how texting affects a student’s concentration. I showed 12 students (6 of each gender) from grades 7-12, with half of each texting and the others not, a Powerpoint presentation and then gave them a questionnaire. The non-texting students had a 24.73% higher difference. I found that the non-texting students can absorb more information than the texting students.