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CWSF 2011 - Toronto, Ontario

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My name is Dominique Duggan and I am a grade 9 French Immersion Student. My school activities include competitive cheerleading and soccer. I am a member of my school soccer team, an in-door soccer league team and a summer league team. I also enjoy snowboarding, swimming and baking (when I have free time). I have participated in Science Fair for three years now. I was selected as a candidate for the Canada Wide Fair when I was in grade 7 and again this year. I have won several Science Fair awards including two first place awards for my division at the Cape Breton Regional Science Fair. My future career plan is to go to university, become a physical education teacher and be able to work with special needs children.

Dominique Duggan

"C" the Difference: Boosting Efforts To Lose Weight
Region:Cape Breton
City:Sydney, NS
School:Malcolm Munroe Memorial Jr High School
Abstract:Can a recommended daily consumption of vitamin C contribute to weight loss? Vitamin C in the blood stream is linked to the body’s capacity to burn fat. It is used in the blood to make carnitine which helps our cells burn fat for energy.This fat burning stimulates the body’s metabolism and therefore consuming sufficient quantities of vitamin C could boost efforts to lose weight.