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CWSF 2011 - Toronto, Ontario

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Adam - Hello, my name is Adam Chen! I find that the coolest thing about me, is that I lived in Africa. When I was 9, my parents decided to move to Africa, from Vancouver, B.C. We moved to a tiny country called Gabon. I stayed in Gabon for roughly 2 1/2 years, until my schooling finished and stopped at grade 6. My parents and I decided that they would stay in Africa, while I would move to Hamilton with my Aunt and Uncle. My school now is Hillfield Strathallan College, I participate in the school teams of rugby and soccer. Outside of school I play AA hockey for Ancaster. Other activities and hobbies I like to do is draw, sail, windsurf, dirtbike, SCUBA dive, shoot some hoops on a nice day, and like every other boy; play video games. Being somewhat of an adrenaline junkie, my dream job is to be an astronaut or a fighter pilot. I would find it interesting to be an aeronautical engineer in space, as the job needs resourcefulness, teamwork, leadership, and creativity. Also the thrill of being in zero gravity would be awesome. Which is why, this science fair has opened a door for me.
Nicholas - Nick Dobrovolskis- I am 14 years old in grade 8 at Hillfield Strathallan College in Hamilton, Ontario. I am very interested in sports. I play on a rep soccer team in Hamilton. I also play soccer, rugby and wrestling on competitive teams at school. I have received many sports awards. I am team captain of several teams. I play acoustic, bass and electric guitar and this year I will be playing the upright Bass. This summer I plan to visit Italy. I am very excited about this. In the future, I will be attending university.

Adam Chen, Nicholas Dobrovolskis

What's In Your Salt Shaker?
Region:Bay Area
City:Ancaster, ON
School:Hillfield Strathallan College
Abstract:Our objective was to determine if there is mercury in sea salt that could be a significant risk to human health. We found there were mercury in all of the sea salts we tested and no detectable level in our mined salts.

Awards Value
Excellence Award - Junior
Bronze Medal
Sponsor: Youth Science Canada
The University of Western Ontario Scholarship
Bronze Medallist - $1000 Entrance Scholarship
Sponsor: University of Western Ontario
$1 000.00
Total$1 300.00