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CWSF 2011 - Toronto, Ontario

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My name is Prathana Nathan. I am a grade nine honors student. I go to King's Edge-hill School in Windsor, NS. I like to dance, play basketball, volleyball, badminton and tennis. I volunteer at a nursing home every Monday and sometimes when I'm on break. I also volunteer at many other school and community activities. My hobbies are painting, drawing; coloring and recently I started scrapbooking. My main interest is school; I love all my school subjects but my favorite subjects are math, science and art. I am actually planning to get a medical degree and become a family physician or pediatrician. I will be able to become a doctor at this rate. So far I got an academic award in grade six and I got a highest average award throughout my whole grade in grade eight. In 2009 I got a third place ribbon at my school science fair and was qualified to go to the regional science fair. This year (2011) I got first place in my school science fair and I am going to nationals!

Prathana Nathan

Automatic Fire Extinguisher
Region:Annapolis Valley
City:Falmouth , NS
School:King's-Edgehill School
Abstract:My project is an invention: An Automatic Fire Extinguisher. This device will sense smoke from a fire, it will turn to the direction of the fire and put it out automatically! There are five main components to this device: a smoke detector, a rotating device, a spraying device, an infrared sensor and an aerosol fire extinguisher. They all work together to extinguish the fire.