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CWSF 2011 - Toronto, Ontario

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I spent the first five years of my life in Northern Québec, growing up in a village of 35 people, where my father was a bush pilot and an outfitter. My house was the former school and we were the only children, so my older brother and sister, Louis and Gabrielle, were taught by my mother. After my father passed away, I moved with my family to Ontario. I started going to school there so my brother, my sister and I could learn English. However, I continued speaking French at home and still do. I am a returning participant at the Canada Wide Science Fair for my third year in a row. I enjoy horse-back riding, long distance running, writing, the arts and spending time with my family and my cat.

Emmanuelle Bérubé

Waves of Change
City:Belleville, ON
School:Albert College
Abstract:This experiment was conducted to measure the changes produced by microwave heating on the nutrients contained in Avena sativa. The growth of 256 sprouts hydrated with distilled water and solutions containing ground oat grain prepared with either a microwave oven or an electrical stove-top was monitored. Germination rate and growth of the microwave solution plants were significantly affected in comparison with the other categories.