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CWSF 2011 - Toronto, Ontario

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I am a grade 8 French Immersion student in Atnigonish, Nova Scotia. At school, I am on the cross country, badminton and track and field teams. This year I played in the Nova Scotia badminton circuit. My partner and I won the provincial mixed doubles championships. I enjoy all kinds of biking. In the summer my family and I live by the ocean so I snorkel, canoe, kayak, surf and tube all day long. In the winter I down hill ski, cross country ski and construct snow forts. My family and I have camped and hiked all around the Maritimes. I would like to pursue studies in the sciences at university. I would also like to travel throughout Europe.

Creighton Jewkes

La Viabilité d'Utiliser Le Pouvoir Solaire Chez Moi
City:Antigonish, NS
School:St. Andrew Junior School
Abstract:J’ai évalué le site physique et j’ai fait une analyse financière afin de déterminer la viabilité des panneaux solaires chez moi. En utilisant Google SketchUp et Google Earth, j'ai fait un modèle de ma maison pour trouver le potentiel solaire. Cette étude comprend une exploration de la première Ville Solaire du Canada, et les initiatives canadiennes et mondiales sur l'énergie solaire.