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CWSF 2011 - Toronto, Ontario

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Olivia LePine is a senior student attending high school in St.Catharines. She has an interest in biology that particularly revolves around her passion for animals. Olivia works at a pet store and takes care of many pets at home. She is an active member of her community through her participation in dance competitions and recitals, as well as being a teacher to younger dance students. Olivia has participated in school events such as the annual pilgrimage to help raise funds for children in poorer countries, she has been apart of the school volleyball team, and she also tutors younger students in mathematics. Most recently, Olivia was a part of the Brock University Mentorship Program where she was able to work in a university biology lab and see how research is done first hand. She was also able to conduct her own investigation, which was an incredible experience that combined her enthusiasm for animals with her interest in science. This research has become the basis for her project submitted to the Canada Wide Science Fair.

Olivia LePine

Will Crayfish Fight Over Temperature as a Resource?
City:St.Catharines, ON
School:Denis Morris High School
Abstract:Aggression is a key behaviour used to obtain valuable resources among many species. Crayfish use aggression to form dominance hierarchies and will fight to obtain any preferred resource. In this study, it was hypothesized that temperature was a resource that crayfish would fight to obtain. Although the crayfish exhibited a temperature preference and fought for dominance, temperature was not shown to be a significant resource.