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CWSF 2011 - Toronto, Ontario

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I am a social, calm, but energetic 13 year old girl. I live in Cornwall, Ontario with my parents and my 5 years old sister. I’m in seventh grade, and I’m on the school’s volleyball team. This is my first time going to the CWSF. At school, I prefer maths, art and gym, but i don't mind science. I speak English, French and Chinese. For my sporty side, I went four times to the youth bowling provincials(YBC). I’m also a figure skater, and I do ballet, gymnastics and hip hop.

Naomi Wang

La conservation des aliments
Region:United Counties
School:École secondaire cath. La Citadelle
Abstract:my project consists of food preserving. I chose this theme because alot of my friends think that salt is the only "ingredient" that can preserve food, so i just did a little experiment to see if they were right. I chose 4 substances: vinegar, white wine, salt and sugar. As I predicted, the vinegar worked best.