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CWSF 2011 - Toronto, Ontario

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My name is Taylor Ryan Whitehead and i was born on September 22nd 1998 and im 12 years old right now. My favorite sport to play is badminton and i will be goin to the badminton nationals in Richmond, B.C. on May 2-7 for a great competition. My hobbies are to play games, play many types of sports, and getting to know other people. I'm a nice person and i'm really looking forward to this national science fair.

Taylor Whitehead

The Power of Music
Region:Sunset Country
City:Fort Frances, ON
School:J.W. Walker E.S.
Abstract:My project was to see if playing music for plants could help them increase their growth rate to a higher speed. I used 3 plants and one listening to classical music, the other listening to Rock music and the last one listening to no music for 20 minutes a day after one week.